Erich Hatala Matthes, Universal Value (2015): Matthes, a professor of philosophy at Wellesley College, discusses the role that claims of universal value play in debates about who should own cultural heritage. 

Austin (Chad) Hill (courtesy of the Follow the Pots Project), Video from a GoPro camera mounted on a Fixed-Wing UAV flying over the Early Bronze Age IA site of Fifa, Jordan (2015): The Landscapes of the Dead Research Project is using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, colloquially called drones, to monitor archaeological site looting at the Early Bronze Age (3500-32000 BCE) site of Fifa on the Dead Sea Plain in Jordan. Drones, both fixed and rotary wing, are being deployed as part of a 5-year study of the scale and pace of looting at the site. By constructing high-resolution digital elevation models (DEMs) across multiple years, the project is able to map the site and to identify new looting events and other changes to the landscape from year to year. 

Palmyra Photogrammetry (Conan Parsons), Digital 3D model of a Temple, Palmyra, Syria (in-progess) (2015)

Nicole Cruz, Inside John Jay (2015): Cruz, a current student at John Jay College, recorded interviews with John Jay students, asking them about their perceptions about the importance of the protection of cultural heritage.