New York Times: “Its current group show was inspired by the continuing destruction of antiquities in Iraq and Syria by ISIS and was conceived as an alarm, a protest and a symbolic form of restitution. Works by seven artists refer to campaigns of cultural obliteration present and past.” For a PDF, click here.

Hyperallergic: “The documentation and preservation of such artifacts of cultural heritage have become duties we must approach with a sense of urgency.” For a PDF, click here.

The Observer: “Comes as a response to the horrific videos that ISIS released last April that documented the demolition of the site.” For a PDF, click here.

Smithsonian Magazine: "The Heroic Effort to Digitally Reconstruct Lost Monuments Scholars create a virtual archive of antiquities destroyed by extremists in Syria and Iraq."

American Television News, Report on Reviving Historical Heritage, featuring interviews with exhibit participants at the symposium.